VERGE XVG + Set up VERGE XVG Wallet.

How to Buy VERGE XVG and Set up VERGE XVG Wallet. Step by Step with Video

Install The Verge desktop wallet and run the wallet for the first time. This will create the relevant files in windows.

    2. Next close the wallet
  1. Next download the latest blockchain – about 1.4gig in size from here
    2. Click whichever server is the quickest for you
  2. OPTIONAL You may need to do this depending on your windows set up. No harm if you do and go back to change – Set Windows to view all folders and hidden files
  3. Now let’s access the Verge folder in windows located in %appdata% by doing a search in windows and hit enter. This will open a new window. Locate VERGE and enter
  4. Now you need to extract the downloaded Verge Blockchain and you need to extract the file using 7-zip ONLY

  5. Next we need to copy the extracted files into the windows Verge folder.

    1. Delete those original files and replace with extracted files.
    2. Now copy the extracted files and transfer into the Verge folder
    3. Close this window and you are done
  6. Now we can open Verge Wallet – It may little longer to load as its refreshing the Blockchian database you just transferred.
    1. After first screen has loaded LEAVE IT RUNNING – It might not be doing anything and the connection may show 0 – LEAVE IT RUNNING – Estimated 2 Hours Then you will see the Green Blocks bar. Total Time I say 5 Hours
  7. Once that’s open , It should now connect to the live Blockchain and do the final update to the latest database.
  8. Once all is Synced you can now Encrypt your wallet
    1. Go to settings
    2. Encrypt Wallet
    3. Set up the passphrase
    4. Set up your details and confirm
    5. Verge will say it needs to close in order to sort out the encryption. Do that then restart Verge.
    6. Once open, Go to settings and click Unlock wallet
    7. I would lock the wallet and open it again to ensure all is ok.
    8. Go to receive and get your address
    9. Create as many as you want and save them.
  9. Final Stage is to make a back up of the wallet.dat file. This is located in the Verge windows folder. And looks like this. Very important that you save the wallet.dat file SAFE as it that file and your passphrase are the only things to protect your wallet.
  10. Now you should send some XVG to the wallet and not ALL but some to test it all works.
  11. If you do this in a few days time you will be waiting longer for the wallet to update to the blockchain, so I would advise to do this now as you have the latest chain.

  12. Test it make sure you are happy you see your test funds in the wallet
  13. If all happy, you have a running VERGE XVG wallet.

Download “Verge How to Set up Wallet” How-to-Set-up-VERGE-XVG-Wallet..pdf – Downloaded 63 times – 662 KB

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