The Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin trend is infectious. My Cryptocurrency journey.

So I have to admit, the trend for Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies for me has been a phenomenal learning curve and I basically jumped on the bandwagon March 2017.

I don’t know where to start on my experience so far but I’ll start from the beginning.

I’m in my 40s living in the United Kingdom married with children with a mortgage and good income a good job all the usual stuff probably 65% maybe 70% of United Kingdom alike.

I have some disposable income now as the children are growing up. Just not fast enough lol. Those with children know what it’s like when you’re starting to get your life back.

With no other major savings I decided Cryptocurrency… I could invest to buy in the usual stocks and shares, but the feeling is I’m sort of late to the game…a long game with possible max 10%-18% on your return if you are lucky.

I’m familiar with commodities I’m familiar with buying in stocks and shares I don’t own any stocks and shares, buying stocks and shares can be a pain sometimes I tried it but its sooooo old skool and need something new.

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