Play2Live ICO Review

Play2Live is a blockchain-based streaming platform for gamers and they have an ICO to raise £30M for their streaming platform for gamers and eSports fans.Already have secured £24M not long to go when the ICO ends at the 14th March 2018.Join the token sale.

I’ve used the platform for a few weeks now and can say it works well and the rewards system around this for all parties is better than its competition.

So what if there are others, some competition in the market never hurt anyone, Especially in this age of blockchain bubble we are in right now.

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Based upon blockchain technology, Play2Live introduces a unique mix of interactive features and monetizing tools, which isn’t available with other existing streaming platforms.

The further development of Play2Live’s Level Up Chain is the ultimate end-to-end solution for streamers, gamers, and eSports fans, providing them with the key advantages of blockchain technology that meet their needs, such as speed, transparency, security and availability.

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Viewers can watch streams and earn LUC by sharing their internet channels via the P2P CDN service easily from any device.
Viewers can influence the stream directly due to the unique system of tasks featuring a streamer and a viewer. Users can determine the scenario of a stream and become participants of the show!
The embedded system of content crowdfunding allows users to generate from scratch the content they want to watch. The tickets sold for these events open up exclusive opportunities for users.
Viewers can enable advertising and support the streamer by watching it. They can also earn token rewards for that. Streamers decide on the proportion of LUC received by them and the users.
The platform encompasses services such as totalizator, advanced statistics systems, a search for tournament backers, paying tournament rewards via blockchain and overall gamification. This enhances trust between users and encourages new tournament organizers to enter the market.
Game publishers can sell games via the platform and interact with streamers by offering proposals for content promotion. The transparency of interaction is ensured by blockchain.
Viewers are encouraged to become active users of the platform by earning a higher amount of LUC. Amateur streamers get ready-made mechanisms for promotion and marketing.

There are risks associated with investing into token sales. However, there are also risks in investment funds, and in venture capital and angel investments. In fairness, the advice you would give to potential investors in token sales is not too different from the advice you would give to potential investors in any of the other more traditional vehicles:

· Do proper due diligence. Find out everything you can about the company, the team, the project details. Find what the SEC refers to as “fair and lawful investment opportunities”.
· Don’t be influenced by hype — whether this is excessive valuation of companies, sales push from fund managers and underwriters or crowdfunding targets.
· Invest in a risky class only as a portfolio diversifier and invest only what you can afford to lose.

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