MedicalChain After ICO update + How to Buy MTN Cryptocurrency

An update on to what took place during the ICO of Medical Chain. So it took place on the 1st Feb 10.00am UTC having closed registration from the 29th Due to such high interest.

As it opened you had to still submit KYC and if successful at that stage you would be accepted to participate. This part took a while as the site crashed a few times when submitting the 3 documents of drivers licence , passport and Utility Bill. But when completed there was still no clear confirmation you had been selected.

MedicalChain were going through the KYC fast as they were coming in FAST, But it soon came clear after 30 min it was over as people on telegram were very frustrated not getting any information after submitting their KYC.

Soon after a few hours MedicalChain Announced that it was sold out after ……. 10 mins or less. Again not many happy people as they waited hours, stayed up all night and registered months ago. Even being accepted at registration point you would have thought to get a sniff.

Then came the cyrs and the pain of people concerned what would happen to all the KYC that was provided. MedicalChain soon took notice and presented a video of the whole KYC database being deleted which was a good sense of security from the company. You can see that Video here >

Again many not happy to be missing out at $0.25 per MTN token.

3 days later it was listed on the exchanges.HUOBI PRO -KUCOIN – QRYPTOS – GATE.IO -COINBENE -.

Some I’ve never heard of and some I would never touch, buy the ones that were good gave the opportunity to purchase what they missed out on.

And it came at a good time , When the Market lost £400 Billion there was no pump and dump. One could argue Medicalchain managed it in such a great way they avoided that pump and dump with their limits and min purchase. EIther way it could be bought from the exchanges at ICO price and one point under ICO listing.

So overall the experience was different as it is with all ICO’s but MedicalChain is now available to buy are a great rate.

Good luck and Enjoy MTN

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