Inspeer – A Peer-to-peer lending service that works with Cryptocurrency and Fiat

  • Variety of Financial Services

    Currently Inspeer successfully operates as a micro-lending online platform in Russia under brand. We’ve built an efficient scoring system, and developed loan distribution pipelines.
    We are starting from Russia and Estonia markets with further expansion to Asia and EU.
    From the very beginning Inspeer will provide loans in cryptocurrencies alongside with fiat. Issuance of virtual cards and credit cards is planned for the close future.
    We are going to develop extended financial institution to support small and middle-sized businesses, and blockchain projects.

  • InsCore: Machine Learning Scoring Model

    Lack of reliable scoring is a very common problem faced by majority of P2P lending platforms. To solve this, we introduce InsCore.
    InsCore is a scoring model consisting of 1000 scoring cards for microlending and collateral lending. Thanks to our partners at Scorista, who specialize in machine learning and artificial intelligence, we are able to instantly conduct a detailed analysis on the borrower. We analyze for solvency as well as credibility and reliability of borrowers. The analytical library of the service contains more than 20 000 predictors and variables from traditional and alternative sources.

  • OLAF Anti-fraud system

    OLAF is an online system to track users who substitute identification data, this includes the database of devices and computers of such users. We aim to cut down all possible risks for the benefit of our customers. No stone is left unturned.