Cryptocurrency Spreadsheet Tracker. Free. Track Altcoins and Bitcoins

Here I have created a Cryptocurrency Spreadsheet Tracker to track Altcoins and Bitcoins. Easy to use and it links in with an exchange API to give you the rates every 30 seconds and each time you login.

Should help you to manage your portfolio along with full chart.

Watch the video below to see how it works, how add new coins and you can download the Cryptocurrency Spreadsheet tracker for FREE below. You can if you wish Donate on the links below.

HitCrypto Cryptocurrency Tracker Excel

You Can change how often it updates and add more coins to the list. It can be as complex as you want of as simple as you need. It Basic and not really designed for high level trading but can be redesigned.  Its more for the long term holder quick easy and simple.

  • Change the time it updates – Its currently set to update every 30 seconds and this can be change to what ever your wish. 1 min 5 min or every hour. I wouldn’t recommend anything less than 30 seconds.

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