Golem (GNT) Trading Live on Bitfinex

I think this is great news as it shows the interest in the technology rather than making money off yet another coin, (Well I know there is some of that too). What this does is allows more buyers to get in to the market to invest in GNT. A Long hold for me on this one as it has been for 8 months.

I also made a video some weeks back showing how to purchase Golem GNT also move to a wallet off an Exchange. 

We are pleased that Golem (GNT) trading pairs are now live on GNT/USD, GNT/BTC, and GNT/ETH.

Golem aims the build the first truly decentralized supercomputer. By connecting computers to a P2P network, where both application owners and individual users can rent resources of other users’ machines, Golem creates a global market for computing power. Core to Golem’s feature set is an Ethereum-based transaction system, enabling direct payments between requestors, providers, and software developers.

As a globally accessible & distributed supercomputer, Golem aims to reduce costs of scientific research, big data analysis, graphics rendering, machine learning, AI (and more) by as much as 10x.

Source: Bitfinex – Golem (GNT) Trading Live